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The Newport Tsunami Awareness and Information Center

To raise tsunami awareness and preparation on the Newport Bay Front to the point that not a single life is lost in the next Cascadia tsunami.

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Original state of tsunami dock section

The Misawa Tsunami Docks

In June 2012, the 19 ft x 68 ft x 7 ft high dock from Misawa washed up on Agate Beach, after a 5,000 mile journey across the  North Pacific. There were originally four of the these docks in Misawa, this one being shown in place below  right.


A 9.0 magnitude earthquake took place off the coast of Japan in March, 2011. The resulting tsunami washed away the docks in the port of Misawa. One section of the dock floated 5,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean and landed on Agate Beach Newport, in June 2012. One corner of it was cut off and used by Hatfield Marine Science Center  to mark the start of their tsunami evacuation trail, and as a memorial to the more than 16,000 people who died in the earthquake and tsunami.  The Newport Tsunami Dock Foundation cut the other corner off the remaining section of dock, and has placed it on the plaza in front of the Undersea Gardens

on the Newport Bay Front, where it is being used as a tsunami awareness and information center. Japan and Oregon have almost mirror-image earthquake subduction zones off their coasts, so we face the prospect of a similar earthquake and tsunami here. The last 9.0 + event  here happened in 1700, and the next one may occur at any  time. The awareness and information center will help us prepare, and minimize losses when our next big tsunami arrives. The good news is that nowhere on the Newport Bay Front are you ever more than 400 yards, five minutes walk, from safety.

    Dock corner in place as Tsunami Information Center

Many thanks to local businesses who sponsored this project, helping us to save lives. Please see our “Sponsors” page for details. Quick Links or use navigation buttons at  top and bottom of each page